Welcome to the EPIC-40 irrigation controller -a system like no other- manufactured by EPIC Controls. We are an innovative company focused on bringing 21st century technology to the control industry.

Our current product line features both the modular EPIC-40 irrigation controller and the companion EPIC 1501 Relay. Here are some of the industry-leading features of these products.

See how this equipment can benefit your irrigation and other electrical control needs.

The EPIC – 40 Controller

  • Touch Screen programming
  • Forty-eight independent programs
  • Six start times per program
  • One second operation times
  • Eight to forty independent stations (modular)
  • All forty stations can be operated simultaneously
  • Remote control ready
  • Plug and play expansion

EPIC – 40 Off-site Software

  • PC Compatible software

EPIC 1501 Relay Module

  • Extends control into the electrical arena
  • Controls up to 15 Amps @115 VAC
EPIC-40 Controller

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Relay and Electrical Box

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